Super High Intensity Flash Tint


The SHIFT Lens introduces a groundbreaking advancement in snow optics, featuring an unparalleled photochromic range from 20% to 80% Visual Light Transmission (VLT).

Light Reactive ↟ Tint Shifting ↟ Color Changing

SHIFT surpasses the VLT capabilities of any existing photochromic lens and outperforms most dual-lens systems currently available in the market.

How It Works

The base tint is a low-light optimized, rose tint. When directly exposed to UV light, the base tint immediately shifts to a dark grey, sun optimized tint.

The opposite reaction is also true, when you step inside, or ride into cloud cover, the lens rapidly readjusts to its low light rose state.

This reactivity takes place noticeably in under 10 seconds.

It Took Time to Perfect the Vision

Conceptualized over 6 months during the stormiest winter on record at Alta, we needed a single lens solution for the constantly shifting light conditions and unprecedented snowfall rates.

After vetting multiple lens manufacturers, we worked with our team in Italy to source unique photochromic base material from Japan - historically the snowiest place Earth.