Sam Konings

Sam skis from the top. We met Sam on Day 1 of the deepest winter on record (one of few others to snowboard at Alta with just 2 feet of base 🤣) Sam ski tours and splitboards all over the west, and joined the team after capping his season with a first-time solo ascent of Superior in early May '23.

*Sam has summited every Fourteener in the lower 48 states. 75 peaks. He regularly rides 111+ days per winter.

  • Home Range: Wasatch - Alta Backcountry
  • Nicknames: Sam
  • Age: 28
  • Years Snowboarding: 5
  • Skis/Board: Black Diamond Helio 104 / Black Diamond x Cardiff Goat Pro
  • Classic Ski Descents of North America: 8/50
  • Insta: @samkonings_

Jordan Chamberlain

The Snowbird girl. Jordi is a Little Cottonwood Canyon legend, and the only person on the team that rides more days than Sam.

  • Home Resort: Snowbird / Alta Backcountry
  • Nicknames: Jordi
  • Age: Unknown
  • Years Snowboarding: 17ish
  • Board: Cardiff Powgoda Enduro Split
  • Other Sponsors: Snowbird, Black Diamond, Cardiff Snowcraft
  • Insta: @iamjordi_c

Jackson White

The prototypical Little Cottonwood Canyon local. Jackson has been on skis since he's been 4 years old, competed 5+ years in IFSA Freeride, and then went to work in the shop at Snowbird. We skied with Jackson on the deepest days all winter in 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020, and 2019 and 2018... you get the idea.

  • Home Resort: Snowbird
  • Nicknames: J White
  • Age: 25
  • Years Skiing: 21
  • Skis: Whatever's not broken (Kästle)
  • Summer Stuff: Kayaking & Raft Guiding

Ella Male

The little blue lady. We met Ella at the start of year 2 at Alta. Ella started skiing at Alta when she was 2 years old and skied competitively in IFSA comps for the Alta/Bird Freeride team from 2020-2023. We told Ella we needed a rad young lady to take the brand and run with it - so she shredded Alta all winter and then moved all the way to New Zealand to ski at Cardrona.

  • Home Resort: Cardrona Alpine / Alta Ski Area
  • Nicknames: Little Blue Lady
  • Age: 19
  • Years Skiing: 17
  • Skis: Faction Candide 2.0x, Faction Mana 3.0x
  • Other Sponsors: Faction, Grass Sticks, Karbon Outerwear
  • TikTok: @ella.male22
  • Insta: @ella.male22

Matthew Fish

No one goes bigger than this kid. Fish DM'd us a video of him hitting triple backflips with zero regard for his own safety, so we linked up to ski Alta 3 days later. Matty proceeded to stick a 60 ft backflip from the top of Bad News down to the GMD. Spot secured.

* Fish is on a 2 year mission on the other side of the planet. Returning Winter 25/26..

  • Home Resort: Alta Ski Area
  • Nicknames: "Fish" 🐟, "Mattyice"
  • Age: 18
  • Years Skiing: 7
  • Skis: Atomic - Bentchetler 98
  • TikTok: @matthew.fish21 50k+
  • Insta: @matthew.fish21